Angkety map

Digital resource report

This report aims to provide an overview of the current directions, review recent approaches, identify major issues and propose strategies to mitigate the risks in using digital resources for Indigenous language work.

It has been written with the input of language speakers, language learners, community language workers, representatives of Language Centres and academics.

From the responses of people who have contributed to this report it is apparent that the term ‘digital resources’ is used by different people to refer to different technologies. In consideration of this, throughout the report the term ‘digital resources’ is intended to include such technologies as:

‘Angkety map’ is from the Anmatyerr language, meaning ‘many stories’. You can pronounce ‘Angkety’ by saying ‘ang’ as in sung, ‘ke’ as in keep and ‘ty’ is a similar sound to ‘ch’ in church. Pronounce ‘map’ the same as the English word map.

Tjunkaya Tapaya, Kungkarangkalpa Attila (2014)
840 x 1700 mm
Image courtesy of Ernabella Arts
© Tjunkaya Tapaya/Licensed by Viscopy, 2014

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